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I have created this website as a last resort, and decided to go public with this issue because private diplomacy has not worked. Chipo Siamafuwa is from Kafue, Zambia. She is an immigrant to Canada, arriving in Canada on Feb 2018, and is possibly residing  in Fort McMurray or in Edmonton. The following are chat messages from Jan 13, 2024. 

Now that she has Canadian citizenship and a healthy son, she has no further need for me so she dumps me but stays in Canada to provide a good life for her family back in Zambia. In this chat session she is clearly desiring to further use me to get sperm, but refuses to have me in her life any more, nor wants me as the father to my own children. Yet she denies that this is using me.  She will "find another way" (find another man to use him also for his sperm, and commit adultery against me.) She married me for the purpose of obtaining a better life for herself and her family in Zambia, not because she loved me. I met with her mother in Kafue who showed no interest in us being together as a family here in Zambia, because if this happened (I have already provided for her here in Zambia) her family here in Zambia wd not be able to benefit financially from me here. Follow the money (and the sperm).

I wd only have consented to another child if it was produced out a loving and caring relationship in which we remain together as a loving and caring family, and I as the father I am raising my own children. This is the "bigger picture. Am I to be expected to give sperm artificially to create another baby which I will be deprived of?

She has taken my son away from me and she uses him as a weapon against me. She uses the police as a threat because in Canada all a woman has to do is call the police with a false accusation and the police automatically arrest him and he goes to jail. She deprives me of my son and deprives my son of his father. On Jan 2d on voice chat my son told me "daddy come back" which broke my heart because how can I explain to him what is happening when he was only 3 years and 9 months old at that time? (I did not leave my son but was forced out by her threats and extortion). I am not allowed to talk with my son any more. I have created this website partly in defense of myself, and partly in defense of my son, who has been deprived of his father, and he cannot protest. As his father it is my duty to speak out for him and defend him. I love my son and it hurts me much to have him taken out of my life, and he is hurting also because of this. He also loves,needs, and misses his father.

Chipo knows that the police in Canada automatically take the side of the woman, and she knows that the courts in Canada are biased towards women and against men, and she takes full advantage of this knowledge. She holds all the cards. The court is entirely her idea. I have never said anything about courts because I have never entertained the idea of separation or divorce or of splitting up the family. This is entirely a one-sided idea of hers, yet she makes I look like a two sided idea that "we" go to court. She likes the courts for the simple reason that courts (in Canada) always rule in favour of the woman. Another problem here is that many people believe that if something is legal it is also morally right. Chipo wants her wrong intentions and wrong actions to be agreed with by the court to make her wrongness become "right" (in her own eyes). To have a court rubber-stamp its approval of her wrongful actions as being "legal" does not change the fact that what she is doing is morally wrong, and I will have no part of this. If she goes to court, she does so alone.

She has also committed theft of my property which she had at her place and which she refuses to allow me to access. (if it is even all there any more)

My position has been consistent right from the start in that it is wrong to break up a family, and that when a man and woman make a commitment, they need to keep it. A commitment is a commitment is a commitment. I have never once even suggested the possibility of leaving her. The issue here is that of maturity and responsibility. It is a serious thing to make a commitment to someone of the opposite sex. If we are not honest about it and have the right motives, and do not intend to keep it, then we shd not have made that commitment in the first place. In the following example the circumstances are different, but the principle involved is the same. Try borrowing money from a bank then unilaterally decidng that you want to break the commitment to pay it back, and see what happens! Yet people do not take seriously the commitment that they make to the opposite sex, and they avoid their responsibility to follow thru with it. The fact is that they were not commited in the first place. They cannot blame anyone else for this, any more than someone can blame the bank for them not paying back their loan. It's an issue of honesty, responsibility, maturity, integrity, and correct or incorrect motives.

The common understanding of marriage is wrong. In reality marriage does not exist. Let me explain: Supposing that I get a loan from the bank, then later I go to a judge and ask him to cancel my commitment to the bank to pay back the money. Of course a judge will not do this, yet courts do this for marriage to allow people to avoid their commitments. A marriage cannot exist because if it can be voided, then there is nothing binding it together and therefore it cannot exist, any more than a loan agreement can exist if it is not binding and a judge can simply void it. Banks wd stop borrowing money. The coming together of a man and woman is in reality based purely on the honesty, character, integrity, maturity, and responsibility of each. A "marriage" is only a piece of paper and has no value. The only thing that has value is the character, integrity, maturity, and responsibility of the man and woman. I only went thru with the legal procedure to "marry" Chipo because it was a requirement to bring her to Canada.

When anyone breaks a commitment they have no one to blame but themselves, despite hiding behind excuses or legal "reasons". A judge can declare that a woman can murder her baby, but does that make it right? A judge can declare that at school dances (as in the case now in Canada) that a boy can dance with a boy and a girl dance with a girl, and that a man can marry a man and a woman marry a woman, but does that make it right? We have to get away from this idea that anything that is legal is also right, and that the courts are "God's servants" which is a wrong teaching of Christianity (read Romans chapter 13).

Please assist me by letting her family know that they shd encourage Chipo to do what is right. They are based on the family farm (headed by Chipo's mother Jane) which is a 1 hectare farm just off the highway a few miles south of Kafue. It is past Chita Lodge, going south, and on the left hand side, not on, but close to the highway. It is immediately on the other side of the power lines, and is near the Kafue Boys School (on the south/southwest side of it). You can also contact Chipo by email csiamafuwa@yahoo.com, by phone (+1) 780-531-7603 and encourage her to do what is right. She is also on Whats App, IMO, and Facebook (she may change her phone number, WhatsApp, IMO, and Facebook accounts after this.) Your help is appreciated. Thank you!

As my son Asher will have his 4th birthday on April 24, 2024, I have been denied the blessing of being with him on his birthday, and further I cannot even send him a birthday gift because I am not even told where he (they) are staying. It's the "golden rule": He who has all the gold makes all the rules. Asher and me have been totally cut off from each other. What she has done is wrong. Our family shd not have been broken apart. It needs to be reunited, but in peace, caring, and love . Please contact her and let her know that you dissaprove of her behaviour. Thank you!

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